Gun Metal Black Aglet ( 2 pairs )

Gun Metal Black Aglet ( 2 pairs )

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- Durable stylish aglets

- Available in multiple colours 

how to:

  1. As shown in the last image, use wire cutters or pliers to cut the original aglet on your laces in half so that the new metal ones can completely cover it.
  2. Once the original aglet is cut in half, re shape end to make round again so that the metal aglet can slide on.
  3. slide new metal aglet on top of existing aglet.
  4. make sure that it is full inserted, you can use a twisting motion to help get it to the end.
  5. once at the end or to a point that you can no longer see the original aglet.
  6. use the wire cutter / pliers  that you used in step 1 to crimp the open end together which will stop them from falling off.

If installed properly you should never have to worry about these coming off or the ends of your laces fraying.

We are not held accountable for any injuries or damage caused during installation, if unsure or don't have access to pliers you can also use glue or adhesives to secure theses on.

We do not recommend using scissors to crimp ends.

For more information, help or bulk orders do not hesitate to contact us via email: 

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